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Read The Comments

I’ve made a New Year resolution to spend more time reading comments on blogs, particularly the economic wonk type of blogs. Here’s a couple of examples of maybe getting better thought or at least more clarity of thought from commenters (is it commenters or commentators?). On Saturday, Marginal Revolution had a post based on a […]

Be Careful What You Read

A couple of bloggers deserve a hat tip today for pointing out how far off base some recent reports circulating about the Internet have been. Felix Salmon and Deal Book did a nice job of taking a lot of the steam out of the meme that the Obama auto team had threatened to unleash the […]

Why Are The Blog Giants Whining?

What gives with bloggers these days? First Barry Ritholtz gets into a pissing match with his publisher and now Willem Buiter is on strike. Buiter just put up this post whining about not getting the agreed upon editorial freedom promised him by Now, I’m of two minds about this. I enjoy Buiter and his […]