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The Latest From Bill Gross

Maybe it’s the dog days of August but Bill Gross’s latest missive seems a bit repetitive. Entertaining as always but more of the same talk about the “new normal” Gross makes the point again that deleveraging, deglobalization and reregulation are the three horsemen of the apocalypse that will lead us to decades of slow growth […]

PIMCO Versus Barclays: Economic Pessimist – Economic Optimist

You couldn’t find a more divergent view of the future of the US economy than those offered up today by Bill Gross of Pimco and Tim Bond from Barclays. Gross is not deviating from his persistent call of chronic low growth while Bond says we have it all wrong, a boom is coming. Gross spends […]

Pimco’s Gross Is Still Downbeat

Are you ready for Bill Gross’s latest missive? He’s waxing quite pessimistic this month. Gross avers that, “Greed will come again.” The problem is that he might well be in his crypt by the time it arrives since he thinks it will take a generation. PIMCO and yours truly are not masters of the antithesis, […]

PIMCO’s Gross Sees A Bleak Future

This isn’t really news but Bill Gross set forth his expectations for the economy over the medium term. It’s pretty much the same pitch we’ve heard from PIMCO over the last month or so but still worth revisiting. From Fox Business: Bill Gross, co-chief investment officer of bond mutual-fund giant Pimco, on Thursday offered investors […]

Pimco’s Gross Looks At The New Capitalism

Bill Gross is out with his monthly newsletter and it is a bit of a puzzler. Paul Kedrosky remarked that it had him scratching his head and looking for an embedded code. I took it as a statement that the rules of the free market game have been changed by the government, that those rules are […]