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Paulson Says BofA’s Lewis Is Telling The Truth-Throws Bernanke Under The Bus

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has released a letter with accompanying addenda that he sent to key Washington officials. In it he says that Henry Paulson essentially corroborated Ken Lewis’s testimony concerning the acquisition of Merrill Lynch. Paulson also testified that the threats made to Lewis concerning his replacement should the Merrill deal not be […]

Fed Chief Bernanke On 60 Minutes

Chairman Bernanke appeared on “60 Minutes” tonight. I live in the West so it hasn’t aired out here yet but MarketWatch has the early take. The chairman of the Federal Reserve said in a rare interview televised Sunday that the U.S. recession will come to an end “probably this year,” but he also warned that the nation’s […]

Bernanke On Regulation

Fed Chairman Bernanke delivered a speech to the Council on Foreign relations. In it he touched on “too big to fail”, the causes of the current financial crisis and possible future regulatory steps. “…Like water seeking its level, saving flowed from where it was abundant to where it was deficient, with the result that the […]

Bernanke Says Little, Markets Soar

Well the markets certainly appeared to like Bernanke’s comments. Frankly, I didn’t hear anything that earth shaking but, then again, I wasn’t looking for a reason to buy. What I did take away from the whole show was that the Fed is going to play for time. It isn’t going to nationalize or put a […]