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Obama To Reappoint Bernanke

For all of the pixels that have been spilled over it, the announcement that Obama will reappoint Bernanke to another term as Chairman of the Fed seems sort of anticlimactic. According to the WSJ, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel announced that the President will make it official on Tuesday. Now, the ball will be in […]

Pimco’s El-Erian: Bernanke Is Signaling Less Fed Activism

Commenting on Fed Chairman Bernanke’s testimony today, Pimco’s Mohamed El-Erian had this to say: By virtue of its greater flexibility and responsiveness, the Fed ended up assuming the main role in responding to the crisis, with fiscal and other agencies (including the FDIC) playing important support roles. It is now the turn of the fiscal […]

Some Random Thoughts On The Day

Here’s a couple of random musings on a slow news day: Did Bernanke appear overly nervous today? That was my take and I was rooting for the guy to make a good impression. The BofA-Merrill deal has become politicized and someone is going to have to pay the price. My guess is that it’s Gentle […]

Bernanke On The Hot Seat

Just in case you missed it, a reminder that Bernanke is going to be on the Hill tomorrow defending himself and the Fed in the case of BofA’s purchase of Merrill. It might be interesting, at least it will be a preview of the battle that might shape up over his reappointment as Fed Chairman. […]

Does Bernanke Get A Second Term?

One of the bigger guessing games in Washington over the next year or so is going to be the fate of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. President Obama gave him a pat on the back today which set off a round of “Bens In” talk but it’s a long time until reappointment and there are lots […]

Was Bernanke Trespassing On Treasury’s Fiscal Turf?

Felix Salmon took umbrage with some of Bernanke’s testimony this morning. He seems to think that the Fed Chairman is stepping on Treasury’s turf. This is reasonable enough: after having hit the zero bound, there’s not much which can be said about monetary policy, and fiscal policy is going to be the main driver of […]

Bernanke To Congress: You Can’t Go On Like This Forever

Ben Bernanke is holding forth in front of the House Budget Committee. It’s a lot of the same old stuff but of some interest was his comments about fiscal discipline (you remember what that is don’t you?). You wouldn’t want to say that he put a shot across the bow but he did at least […]