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Sad News From The Fed

The Fed’s Beige Book Report is out and should dispel most talk of “green shoots” at least for a day or two. The report said that overall, the economy remained weak or deteriorated further from mid-April to May. There was some talk of second derivatives — the pace of decline is abating — and improving […]

Fed’s Beige Book Provides No Reason To Hope

The Fed is out with its Beige Book report and – big surprise here – it’s generally awful. Reports from the Fed’s 12 regional banks “suggest that national economic conditions deteriorated further” in January through late February, the Fed said in what is known as the beige book, which summarizes largely anecdotal economic conditions in […]

The Beige Book Paints Another Black Picture

The infamous beige book report was released by the Fed. Initial reports are that it makes for somewhat grim reading. The WSJ Real Time Economics site says that the report paints a picture of a financial sector still in a downward spiral. The New York Fed reported that “a contact monitoring the financial sector maintains […]