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Boondoggle Multipliers

I’m surprised there weren’t any howls out of Washington today about Citi’s plans to pay its employees for the recognition trips they missed. You remember the fuss that Barney Frank and others kicked up about several trips they had planned to warm weather locales for their high performers. Faced with his populist pomposity Citi cancelled […]

Shocking!: TARP Fund Allocations Subject To Political Pressure

This is just a warm-up to a lot of posts to come. I won’t wast much of my time or yours on it but we might as well start getting in shape to track the sleaziness that’s sure to accompany one of the largest expenditures of government money in peace time. Tonight’s update concerns some […]

How Congress Plans To Bring More Under The TARP Umbrella

Here is a bit of tea leaf reading via Housing Wire. The site reported Friday on some details from Barney Frank on the outline of his bill to amend the TARP. Here’s an overview. The six sections of the outline include a modification of the TARP and its oversight, foreclosure relief, clarification of the automobile […]

Congress Starts Redoing Fiscal Stimulus

Well that didn’t take long, did it? Even though they got sidetracked for a day or two by whether or not to seat a replacement for Mr. Obama’s seat, even though they knew they had no choice, Congress started to get down to the business they know and love best. Spending your money. Today marked […]