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Bankers Being Bankers

I think it must be genetic. No matter where they seem to be located, bankers seem to feel that bonuses are somehow a birthright. From the WSJ: The long-running debate in France over executive pay was rekindled this week when BNP Paribas SA, France’s largest bank by market value, said it had set aside about […]

Bank Pay Disconnected From Performance

Here is a little bit more professional review of bank compensation versus performance than we saw from Andrew Cuomo last week. This comes via BusinessWeek citing a study by Presidio Pay Advisors, a San Francisco compensation consulting firm. They looked at 115 publicly traded banks, their profits or lack thereof and executive compensation. The results […]

Tackling Wall Street Compensation

John Carney has written two good posts (here and here) this weekend on Wall Street compensation. In the first he pointed out that compensation policies really weren’t to blame for the crash and in the second argues that any attempts to reduce compensation will likely result in perverse and unintended results. I am inclined to […]

The Hypocrisy Of Compensation Regulation

I’ve not yet opined on the Obama administration’s plans to somehow, someway regulate compensation within the financial services industry. I’ll get to it once a real plan hits the streets but for now all I see are a lot of trial balloons floating around. Having said that something did strike me as odd about the […]