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August Auto Sales Predictably Up

As expected C4C goosed auto industry sales in August. Sales in that month equate to a seasonally adjusted rate of around 14 million. That actually is at the lower end of the boost that was expected. Some have raised their expectations of full-year sales from a shade below 10 million units to 10 million or […]

How Many Car Companies Survive The Long Haul?

  Once the reorganizations of GM and Chrysler are done, the companies comfortably back producing automobiles and all apparently right with the world, we may then have to get down to the real business of rationalizing the U.S. auto industry. A new report from A.T. Kearney featured in the WSJ Real Time Economics blogsuggests that we […]

Strange Things Going On Today

Here’s some of the news this morning from the increasingly weird world we live in. On the job front, there was a small bit of good news. New claims for unemployment were down for the week ending March 14 to 646,000. The prior week new claims came in at 658,000. The four week moving average […]

Why Houses Weren’t The Only Bubble

Jake at put up this chart this morning. Like a lot of his work, it makes a point with little need for a lot of elaboration. We all know auto companies like a lot of other retail merchandise relied on financing to goose the growth of the last few years. What we probably don’t […]