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Will Consumers Buy From A Bankrupt Auto Company?

I’ve read several blog lately that advance as one of their arguments against a bankruptcy of any of the Big Three automakers a study that claims that 80% of buyers would not buy a car from a company in bankruptcy. They neglect to cite the source but do consistently assert the statistic. I did a little digging and […]

White House May Be Leaning To BK For GM

It looks like the Bush administration is going to kick the auto problem into the bankruptcy courts. That maybe where it has belonged all along. Market Watch is reporting that the Bush people are saying that an orderly bankruptcy is one course of action they are considering for the auto companies. The fact that they […]

Detroit Auto Companies Look To TARP After Republicans Revolt

The drama continued on Capitol Hill today as the Republican minority in the Senate balked at signing onto the bill to bailout the Detroit auto companies and the Democratic majority said it was giving up. The Bush administration rode to the rescue, indicating that it would save at least GM by diverting TARP funds to […]