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UAW Looks Towards Clawbacks

I suppose this was to be expected, but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing. The WSJ reports that Ron Gettelfinger, the outgoing President of the UAW, said today that he expects that the resurrection of Chrysler and GM will prompt the union to bargain to claw back some of the concessions they made to […]

Can You Make Detroit Profitable With Green Cars?

Doug MacEachern asks a pretty important question in an opinion piece today. He wants the Obama administration to declare its intentions with regard to its car company ownership. They will have to declare a goal. Do they want to rebuild an industry that is now a smoking wreck? Which is another way of asking: Do […]

Washington May Be Having Second Thoughts On An Auto Company Bankruptcy

All of a sudden, the prospect of a chapter 11 filing for GM and Chrysler is back. This time with a different twist. The government of the United States is talking about forcing the issue. What happened? It suddenly dawned on the Washington crowd that they might be a bit too far down the capital […]

Detroit Blames No Car Czar For Lack Of A Plan

Well you knew this was coming, didn’t you. The WSJ reports late today that the auto companies are behind schedule in putting together their plans for financial survival. Naturally, it’s not their fault. It seems the lack of a car czar is to blame. According to the Journal, critical negotiations with their debt holders on […]

February: The Month When We Deal With All Of Our Problems

The first two weeks of February should be more than a little interesting. By my count three things are going to come to a head. The fiscal stimulus bill will be passed in some form, TARP ll or some sort of banking bailout bill is going to be proposed and the auto companies have to […]

Bush To Obama-The Car Problem Is Yours Now

Unless the original Henry Ford rises from his grave to remake the U.S. car industry, this is the last post I’m going to write on the subject for a while. But we do need to put a bow on everything that has transpired. First things first. George Bush gave the Detroit auto companies life at […]

Nobody Can Figure Out How To Bailout The Car Companies

Earlier it looked as if GM and maybe Chrysler were going to be pushed towards the bankruptcy courts by the Bush administration. Now we hear via Bloomberg that the outgoing group might extend them enough money to get them to March. This is getting curiouser and curiouser. According to the article, which is woefully short […]