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Why Don’t The Unemployment Numbers Make Sense?

I’ve been uncomfortable with the government’s unemployment numbers for some time. Conor Clarke’s post at the Atlantic makes me more so. Mr. Clarke pulls some interesting data out of a CBS/NYT poll. Here’s what he found: Are you currently employed, or are you temporarily out of work, or are you not in the market for work […]

Arizona Legislature Plans To Axe Speed Cameras

Riddle me this one. Arizona has a fiscal crisis of gigantic proportions. The state just finished installing automatic cameras to detect speeders on a number of the highways surrounding Phoenix, its largest city. The cameras have caught an enormous number of drivers exceeding the speed limit and generated substantial revenues. The cameras were previously tested […]

Will Federal Money Cure Arizona’s Budgetary Woes?

It’s been awhile since I featured any Phoenix news, so  on the eve of the fiscal stimulus bill, or almost the eve, I thought I’d review some of the grisly details about the state of the city and state’s finances. It isn’t pretty. Basically, Phoenix is looking at the prospect of cutting some $270 billion […]

How To Make Money Out Of Sunshine

As you are about to see, my mind is wandering all over the block this evening. It stopped on the question of how Arizona can cash in on the renewable energy tidal wave, particularly how it can charge for sunshine. A little background. Arizona is on its back. The state is broke and probably needs […]