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More NAR Whining About Appraisals

I’ve written numerous posts about the contretemps over the new appraisal standards, commonly referred to as HVCC. The realtor industry keeps whining about the appraisal management companies bringing in appraisals that are lower than the sales price and this is scotching their deals. My position has been that it’s about high time appraisers brought in […]

Further Thoughts On HVCC

If you follow this blog, you know that I’ve posted a lot about the new appraisal guidelines and that there is quite a bit of controversy surrounding them. I’ll leave links at the bottom to my prior posts but right now, I want to offer some quick thoughts based on some reaction I’ve had to […]

Two Congressmen Want A Moratorium Imposed On The New Appraisal Rules

Just to keep any of you who might have an interest in the ongoing controversy over the appraisal reforms, here is an update from HousingWire on new legislation. Two lawmakers serving on the House Financial Services Committee introduced HR 3044 late last week in an effort to temporarily lift new requirements from valuations and the […]

Appraisal Discussion

You may have been following the several articles that I’ve written on the controversy swirling around the new appraisal procedures. Those articles were picked up and syndicated elsewhere. One commenter, Drew Sygit, left some well reasoned comments on the Seeking Alpha website. I’m not sure that Drew and I are far off on a lot […]

The Appraisal Battle Continues

The National Association of Home Builders has joined the National Association of Realtors in the fight to roll back the Home Valuation Code of Conduct. Actually, I’m not sure they want to roll back the HVCC so much as they want to dictate the methodology that appraisers currently use to arrive at a value for […]

Appraisal Assault Part 2

I’m shocked (note sarcasm intended) that my prior post on the assault on the appraisal process didn’t deter the realtors. It also appears that Diana Olick is setting herself up as their chief flack. Here’s what she had to say today. I want to thank everyone for the emails into the RealtyCheck@cnbc.comregarding the Home Valuation Code of […]

The Assault On Ethical Appraisals

I’ve already written about the putsch to overthrow the new appraisal rules and probably should leave it at that. However, Diana Olick and the NAR are beating the drums loudly for repeal and Olick’s blog post is just too over the top to let it pass without comment. She starts out with this quote from […]