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The Plus Size iPhone And Apple Watch Made For Each Other?

Matt Yglesias explains the genius behind Apple’s new plus size phone and its watch: Of course that still leaves you with the question of how to do quick one-handed tasks on the go. The ideal thing, really, would be to pair the large phone with some kind of device that’s truly optimized for quick glances. […]

Apple Thinks Small

So this is what passes for game changing after Jobs? The Business Insider’s summary of Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system: Control Center: This menu appears when you swipe up from the bottom of your screen. It lets you control basic settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, and screen brightness. It even has a flashlight option. Multitasking: Now all […]

Rand Paul Upsets Senate’s Apple Witch-Hunt

The Senate hearings on Apple’s alleged manipulation of corporate tax laws have taken a rather unexpected turn. The usual political grandstanding even when it makes no logical sense has taken place, to wit John McCain’s comments: “Apple’s corporate tax strategy reflects a flawed corporate tax system that allows large multinational corporations to shift profits offshore […]