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A Case For Gold

An interesting analysis of the prospects for gold from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard this week. Along the way to his conclusion he does a nice job of stating the cases for inflation and deflation. He starts out by noting that the Chinese have substituted gold for some of the paper they could be buying from the West […]

Will Germany Help The EU Pull Through This Crisis?

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard takes a break from his usual the end is nigh approach and delivers a good analysis of the dilemma that faces Germany. In the Telegraph today. He notes that the German finance ministry is drawing up plans for to deal with debt defaults among some of the weaker members of the EU and […]

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Holds Forth On The Dark Days

For those who need a dose of doom today, here is an interview with Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. He’s at his best telling us to quit talking about how close we are to a depression and realize we’re living one. Enjoy!