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Fannie/Freddy Reform Nowhere In Sight

Since 2008, the mostly agreed upon date for the onset of the Great Recession, lots of responses to the crisis have occurred. Stimulus came and went, Dodd Frank passed, the Volker rule was enacted yet not to date implemented, the CFPB was let lose on the land, the Fed embarked on a continuing mission to […]

What Would Hayek Have Thought About QE?

No real comment to offer on this essay about what Hayek might have thought of QE. It’s just interesting reading, so I thought I would pass it along.

ObamaCare Going To The Dogs

A new Colorado enrollee in ObamaCare. Actually, it’s just a website snafu, understandable and pretty funny. I only posted this as an excuse to put up a dog picture. Hey, beats kittens!

The Obamacare Train Wreck

  Just when I thou ght I was out… they pull me back in. Michael Corleone, The Godfather lll That’s kind of how I feel about Obamacare today. I’m tired of reading about it, tired of watching the talking heads opine about it and tired of writing about it. Still … it’s fascinating in the […]

The ACA And Fundamental Political Axioms – A Conflict

There is an ironclad law of redistributive politics at play in the ACA (ObamaCare) fiasco. This law is that concentrated interests almost always conquer diffuse interests.  Milk producers are a concentrated interest.  Milk consumers are a diffuse interest.  Guess which group is favored by the long history of milk price supports?  Dairy farmers get fat […]

Some Obamacare Humor

At least someone hasn’t lost their sense of humor.

Belated Thoughts On The Government Shutdown

I know it’s yesterday’s news, but I’ve been busy and I do have a couple of observations about the government shutdown I want to air. First off though I should confess that I found the entire episode to be more about exercises in political theater than any attempt to govern by either side of the […]