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Rand Paul Upsets Senate’s Apple Witch-Hunt

The Senate hearings on Apple’s alleged manipulation of corporate tax laws have taken a rather unexpected turn. The usual political grandstanding even when it makes no logical sense has taken place, to wit John McCain’s comments: “Apple’s corporate tax strategy reflects a flawed corporate tax system that allows large multinational corporations to shift profits offshore […]

Dueling Thoughts On Marginal Tax Rates

The never ending debate about whether low marginal tax rates are good or evil rages on. Generally, I tend to get a bad case of glazed eyes whenever I delve into this morass, probably due to trying to discern the truth behind the statistical obfuscation employed by most who opine on the subject. A case […]

How To Really Soak The Rich

Writing on the myth that tax increases on the rich are capable of solely solving our deficit issues, David Schuler raises one of those uncomfortable questions: If the class warriors were really serious, we’d be hearing more about taxing wealth (did you know that France has a wealth tax?) rather than taxing income. Funny how […]

Ignoring The Elephant In The Room

Since Rep. Paul Ryan is going to deliver the Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech, Derek Thompson put up a nice post contrasting the differences between the visions of the two men. It’s a nice balanced analysis which is worth your time. The last paragraph, however, is a poignant example of […]

The Tax Con

Tim Geithner seemed to make it pretty clear today that the administration plans to let the Bush tax cuts for individuals making more than $200,000 and families earning more than $250,000 expire. Here is the rationale for increasing taxes: “We think that’s the responsible thing to do because we need to make sure we can […]