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The Case For A Detroit Bailout

The Financial Times gets to the crux of the Detroit debacle. The FT is overly picky about writers cutting and pasting parts of their articles, so reluctantly I’ll respect their wishes and summarize. Eventually the argument over the priority of pension and health care obligations is going to end up in the Supreme Court. The […]

Everything You Need To Know About Pensions

If you are really on the wonkish side and have a burning desire to research state and local pension plans then here’s a tool you have to have. It’s a comprehensive data base that Boston College has up. Really, it’s kind of cool to play around with and great for arming yourself with statistics you […]

San Francisco’s Insane Pension Plans

There’s no other word for this but madness. Via SF Weekly: “Infinite” is not a word you expect to find in a report on municipal spending. It’s more of a science fiction–type term — Tremble, Earthling, before the infinite might of Galaxor! But there it was, in a recent report on San Francisco‘s finances: Spending on the […]

Bonuses Survive Abysmal Performance At CalPERS

It would be easy to go ballistic over this article from CNBC on bonus payments at CalPERS. As its investment portfolio was losing nearly a quarter of its value, the country’s largest public pension fund doled out six-figure bonuses and substantial raises to its top employees, an analysis by The Associated Press has found. Board […]

The Public Pension Monster

If you missed it, there’s a good opinion piece in the WSJ Friday edition by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It focuses on the California public pension dilemma (catastrophe?). He’s talking his side of the controversy but it’s worth a read. What struck me were two graphs that accompanied the piece. Here they are: Focusing on the second […]