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Adventures In Class Action Suits

From here is an interesting case of a defendant and the tort bar gaming the system. Southwest gives away “premium drink” (i.e., “beer”) coupons worth $5 to customers who buy a Business Select ticket. Of course, not everyone drinks, and half of the coupons are thrown away. After giving out 11 million or so […]

Toyota Falls To The Tort Bar

Score another one for the tort lawyers. Toyota Motor Corp. agreed to pay about $1.1 billion to settle a class-action lawsuit stemming from complaints of unintended acceleration in its vehicles that soured its reputation for quality and undermined its sales globally. If you’re unfamiliar with the circumstances that led to this payout, here is a brief […]

Fewer Lawyers – Dream On

While I’m recommending good posts, let me point you to Point of It’s a fun site where lawyers seem to come together to discuss current issues. I’ve not been to it enough to categorically call it a conservative or libertarian site, but it does seem to tend in that direction. I’ll let you decide […]

Pedal Misapplication Fingered In Toyota Crashes

Barring some new calamity, the three biggest corporate villains of 2010 have been Goldman Sachs, BP and Toyota. All have been subjected to Congressional inquisitions and seemingly endless pillorying by the media, and all have parted with significant sums of money in an effort to put their problems behind them. At least one appears to […]