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Paying For Web Content

Here’s an interesting take on paying for content on the Internet. The author thinks that these three criteria are necessary to induce readers to pay. 1 The content is worth paying for. 2 The price is low. 3 The transaction is easy. He has some interesting ideas on how to reduce the transactional friction. A […]

Read The Comments

I’ve made a New Year resolution to spend more time reading comments on blogs, particularly the economic wonk type of blogs. Here’s a couple of examples of maybe getting better thought or at least more clarity of thought from commenters (is it commenters or commentators?). On Saturday, Marginal Revolution had a post based on a […]

JournoList: Overblown Scandal And Sad Commentary

Still nursing a very sore right paw (hand), so blogging has been pretty close to impossible. Some new meds appear to be working, thus I’ll take a chance I can ┬ábang out a few posts without doing further damage. Let’s start with the now infamous JournoList tempest. If you’ve missed this one, it’s about a […]