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Relax, It’s Just One Month

By now you’ve not only digested the BLS jobs data this morning but been subjected to any number of analyses of the numbers. If you still have some unfilled void for further soothsaying then here is a roundup of the musings of a selection of economists presented by the WSJ. Personally, I found that this […]

Don’t Worry About Unemployment Anymore

Rest easy everyone, the noted economist Felix Salmon has pronounced the “employment emergency” over.   This is the US unemployment rate, from Calculated Risk. Today’s jobs report was a very positive one: not only did job creation exceed all expectations, but unemployment fell too, to 7.7%. For the first time, the unemployment rate is lower than it was […]

The Essence Of The Jobs Problem

One of the reasons that I very much like Jake’s graphs at is that they often go beyond  superficial analysis of the latest data release and find the story that really matters. A case in point is this graph that skips over the blah, blah, blah that usually accompanies the monthly employment data in […]

Dissecting The Texas Jobs “Miracle”

Before you start throwing darts at me, know that this isn’t a pro-Rick Perry post. I don’t know too much about the guy at this point and by and large what I do know hasn’t caused me to conclude that he’s the man. What this is about is a recommendation to read a post at […]

Robots And Manufacturing Employment

I meant to post this some time ago and as usual time ran away from me. So, a bit late and dated here is a report from the Financial Times on the future of manufacturing employment worldwide. Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer by revenue, plans to have as many robots as workers in […]

Income Inequality: Myth And Reality

The Washington Post has an interesting article on income inequality. It mostly focuses on executive compensation and the explosion in such over the past few decades. I’m not at all unsympathetic to the point it makes, repetitiously, that the bucks executives are taking home is completely out of whack. There was, however, one passage which […]

Unemployment And The Federal Debt

A bit more on unemployment. This graph from Jake at is a fine example of the consequences of high unemployment (click for larger image). IMO just one more argument in favor of attacking the deficit. Hoping that we can get more workers employed in order to bend this curve back down is a fools […]