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US Oil Production Will Be Fine With Lower Prices

Before Monday rolls around and the analysts start talking their book at CNBC and elsewhere, take a look at this short article on oil prices from Market Watch. Moreover, this supposed floor reflects the “full cycle costs” of production, they said, arguing that this overlooks the fact that many producers in North Dakota, Texas and […]

The Plus Size iPhone And Apple Watch Made For Each Other?

Matt Yglesias explains the genius behind Apple’s new plus size phone and its watch: Of course that still leaves you with the question of how to do quick one-handed tasks on the go. The ideal thing, really, would be to pair the large phone with some kind of device that’s truly optimized for quick glances. […]

Comcast And Competition

Felix Salmon concludes his post on the Comcast acquisition and broadband competition with this paragraph. So don’t count on competition to bring down prices in the broadband space. This is an area where the regulators — and only the regulators — can really be effective. Ah, the enduring faith in the ability of government to lead us […]

The Web Grabs A Bigger Share Of Electronics Sales

From the WSJ Real Time Economics blog we learn today that 21% of electronic and appliance sales were made on the Web. Here’s how it looks. Since most of these buyers are probably young, say 40 years old or less, the implications for brick and mortar retailers are dire indeed. Electronics might be what they’re […]

Now We’re Running Out Of Food

You can stop worrying so much about global warming as it turns our we’re all probably going to starve to death first. Wonkblog informs us that population growth is outstripping crop yields and by 2050 we cross the line. This alert comes with the usual nifty graphs which neatly extrapolate required crop yields with projected […]

Apple Thinks Small

So this is what passes for game changing after Jobs? The Business Insider’s summary of Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system: Control Center: This menu appears when you swipe up from the bottom of your screen. It lets you control basic settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, and screen brightness. It even has a flashlight option. Multitasking: Now all […]