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Is US Oil Production Topping Out?

According to conventional wisdom the US oil boom is moving the country towards energy independence and even has the Saudis shaking in their boots. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reported on a dire warning by a leading Saudi businessman today. Saudi Arabia and the Opec oil states must wean their economies off energy exports immediately or spiral into […]

Will We Frack

That the US is sitting on an ocean of oil and gas has been well reported. Whether the development of those resources proceeds is still up in the air. Joel Kotkin examined the dilemma facing President Obama and the Democrats. Talk all you want about theĀ fiscal cliff, but more important still will be how the […]

The Pension Problem Numbers

Just a few minutes but I did want to note this article from US News. It’s as good a short compendium of the crisis in state pensions and naturally state budgets as you will find. The following excerpt describes perfectly how dire a situation the various states face: As strapped state and local governments scramble […]