About The Blog

Just a couple of things about the blog.

First, there is a blog roll to the left. These are blogs I go back to time and time again. They give great information and are written with some skill. I won’t put up an endless list of blogs, so what you see there is what I at least think is worthwhile. You can hover over the each link to get a brief description of what it is all about. Just in case you think that I only read one or two, I am adding to it as I have time. Hopefully, by the end of the week it will be up to date.

This isn’t a news aggregating blog. Nothing wrong with that but there are more than enough good ones out there. I will post news that is relevant to what I write about or relevant to the times. Right now we all know what that kind of news will be.

I appreciate and encourage comments even if you violently disagree with me. I’ve learned more from my readers than I probably have by surfing through the blogosphere. This blog uses Intense Debate, a really interesting comment program. You can comment directly on an existing comment and I can as well. If you enter your contact information you will receive an email of any comments relative to yours via email. It’s kind of fun. Also, it’s a mini-social network as you can publicize your blog, email and information about yourself. Give it a try and I look forward to some good discussion.

Finally, there is a donate button on this blog and there will be advertising. I am a free market kind of guy and think that far too many bloggers are working far too hard for little in return. If you like what you read here or elsewhere give them a few bucks, or buy your books through the Amazon link on their page or click through if something they advertise interests you. In medieval times royalty supported writers, luckily for us we live in an age where the general populace can support writers and get thoughts, ideas and commentary that aren’t subject to the censors pencil. Don’t take that for granted.

And finally, finally if you have any suggestions on how to improve this blog let me know.