Quadriceps Tendon Travails

I’ll get around to explaining the point behind the title of this post in just a moment, though it’s linked to my rather overlong absence from this blog. So far as the absence goes, it initially was intended to be break of a month or so, ¬†get some work done on other things and generally refresh. All pretty normal and then life, as it tends to do, took a turn I wasn’t expecting. Quite simply, at the end of March I hopped off a curb and to my amazement realized that my right leg, or more specifically my right knee had no intention of functioning in a normal fashion. In fact, it had no intention of functioning at all let alone supporting me. A trip to the ER confirmed that things weren’t at all right, in fact they revealed that somehow, someway I had ruptured my quadriceps tendon.

In short order, or at least after a wait of 6 hours or so in the ER I ended up on the acute care surgical ward and under the knife early the following morning. Afterwards,I found myself ensconced in something that looks very much like the picture below. Trust me when I tell you that the picture doesn’t come anywhere close to capturing the pain in the ass that this particular device, technically a knee immobilizer, inflicts on anyone unfortunate enough to be subjected to it.


All of which would have been fine had not the knee to which the tendon attached not been arthritic and not suffered some further deprivations as a result of the incident. Which is a long-form way of saying that I’ve now progressed to this:

DonJoy OA Everyday Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

The next step is a total knee replacement.

So that’s occupied me somewhat, though it’s hardly an excuse for not posting a bit along the way. Rather continue to sit around and brood about my predicament, I’m going to put up a few posts and subject anyone out there who might still be following this modest Web site to more pearls of wisdom, albeit very small pearls.


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