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Why Obamacare Will Make Its Numbers

Despite its rollout problems I think that it’s probable that Obamacare blasts past its goal of 7 million enrollees in its first year. I’ll give you two reasons this is going to happen. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the AP and IRS scandals, Syria, and the NSA. Remember all of those scandals? Of course you do […]

Arkansas Sets Aside Part Of Obamacare

Apparently you won’t lose your existing insurance if you live in Arkansas. From NRO: Blue Cross Blue Shield said it had enrolled fewer than 100,¬†QualChoice of Arkansas said it had enrolled less than 50, and Arkansas Health & Wellness Solutions has enrolled under 20. The three CEOs did testify¬†that their companies had not sent any […]

Some Obamacare Humor

At least someone hasn’t lost their sense of humor.