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Some Go To Sources For Objective Obamacare Analysis

I’m not going to burden you with many personal thoughts on the PPACA, hereafter referred to as Obamacare, since they can be boiled down to a simple” I hate it” statement. What I am going to do is offer several really good links that I’ve curated from lots and lots of articles which I’ve read […]

Belated Thoughts On The Government Shutdown

I know it’s yesterday’s news, but I’ve been busy and I do have a couple of observations about the government shutdown I want to air. First off though I should confess that I found the entire episode to be more about exercises in political theater than any attempt to govern by either side of the […]

The Shutdown And National Parks – Political Theater With A Mean Streak

Not much time, so really quickly let me pass along a link. It’s to Coyote Blog written by a fellow whose name I do not know. He lives in Phoenix and has an evidently successful company running parks for state governments as well as the federal government. His business is to run the parks and […]

PBS Series On Football Brain Injuries Is A Must Watch

I just spent several hours this afternoon watching the PBS special “League of Denial” and I highly recommend it. It’s a powerful presentation of the development of the evidence of brain damage in professional football players as well as the NFL’s obstinance towards the facts. Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the show was the […]

Debt Default Realities

There is seemingly no end to the amount of pixel slaying occurring  in order to paint the scenario for a failure to raise the debt limit. Here’s a link to a post by Felix Salmon which contains a lot of links to the various hyperventilated blovations. Let me be fair to Felix and say that […]

15 Minutes Of Fame

It appears as if the hunt for the first enrollee in Obamacare might have to continue. Bill Johnson, the father of the first reported participant, Chad Johnson, was tracked down by and he pretty much contradicted everything his son said. Additionally, the details Chad offered to just about every major media outlet in the […]