Most People Don’t Know Who Larry Summers Is

Confirming my belief that many of us (myself included) who blog, Tweet away and consume ludicrously large amounts of information live primarily in a very small echo chamber is this from the WSJ Real Time Economics blog.

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News polls asked respondent to rate their feelings toward Mr. Summers. Some 69% didn’t recognize his name or didn’t have an opinion.

Among the rest, more than half described their attitude toward him as “neutral.” Of the 13% who actually expressed a view, it was negative by 2-to-1.

Mr. Bernanke is somewhat better known, but still 45% said they didn’t know who he was or didn’t have an opinion. That is down from 67% in September 2007, before the financial crisis hit.

Whomever President Obama chooses for the job is of little import politically. Many things can set a president’s approval ratings on downward spirals, the appointment of a Fed chair is not one of them.

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