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Getting Back To 2007

This chart from the WSJ Real Time Economics blog shows that the output per-person has finally returned to its peak in 2007. It’s not an unimportant milestone even though income and employment have yet to claw their way back. The article notes that taking satisfaction in this number needs to be tempered as we should […]

Summers/Yellen Saga Ending

It’s almost over, I think. I’m talking about the incessant and over-the-top speculation/lobbying/mud slinging which has incredibly accompanied the choice of a new Fed Chairperson. If you’re still tuned into this here is the final analysis of each candidate by AEI scholars. Don’t worry, they aren’t long. I particularly liked this from James Pethokoukis. “Boil […]

Random Things Of Interest

I’ve been distracted for the last couple of days and catching up on things today. Briefly, a few items that I found interesting. Herb Greenberg who is relocating to San Diego writes that the housing market is mimicking the mid-2000s. Prices are soaring and listings are sold within hours. The difference this time; the all […]

The Web Grabs A Bigger Share Of Electronics Sales

From the WSJ Real Time Economics blog we learn today that 21% of electronic and appliance sales were made on the Web. Here’s how it looks. Since most of these buyers are probably young, say 40 years old or less, the implications for brick and mortar retailers are dire indeed. Electronics might be what they’re […]

California High-Speed Train Derailed. Willie Brown Explains Why It Will Succeed.

California’s high speed train project has been plagued by delays and political opposition. Friday it ran into a big speed bump when a judge ruled that the project failed to comply with the terms of the ballot initiative which authorized the project. A Sacramento Superior Court judge delivered a major rebuke to the California bullet […]

The Mortgage Interest Deduction Scam

Arnold Kling adds some perspective to the debate over the mortgage interest deduction. 1) If I buy a property and rent it out, then my income is equal to the rent that I get, minus expenses, including interest payments on a mortgage. Thus, I get to deduct mortgage interest. (2) If homeowners could not deduct […]

The EPA’s Ethanol Mandate Exception

Last week I wrote a short piece on Kim Strassel’s article about the lone refiner which was exempted from the EPA’s ethanol mandates. Briefly, these mandates force refiners to blend a certain amount of ethanol into their gasoline. The problem is that the level mandated exceeds the amount needed for the current level of gasoline production. […]