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Paying For Web Content

Here’s an interesting take on paying for content on the Internet. The author thinks that these three criteria are necessary to induce readers to pay. 1 The content is worth paying for. 2 The price is low. 3 The transaction is easy. He has some interesting ideas on how to reduce the transactional friction. A […]

Male Anatomical Augmentation

This should dispel any lingering hope you may have harbored for American men. Not long ago, Jeff Vickers, who owns a construction company, had surgery to address something that had, fittingly, been the butt of jokes. “I’d wear jogging pants to work and the guys used to joke that, ‘You could drop a plumb bob […]

QE As Conventional Policy

QUANTITATIVE easing, which almost no one had heard of five years ago, is the great new discovery in macroeconomic policy. Policymakers put their faith in it as the engine of recovery; variations in the quantity of money supplied by the central bank has graduated from an emergency measure to a permanent tool. As Adam Posen recently […]

No Direction But Down For The Next Fed Leader

Thank God for procrastination! The Obama administration indicates it will wait until fall to name a new Fed chair. Not a minute too soon we get a reprieve from the gusher of opinion on who the prospective choice. Personally I was becoming totally conflicted. Is Larry Summers truly a jerk, albeit a very smart one? […]

No Party Consensus On NSA Snooping

Here’s an interesting map of how the vote broke down nationally on the Amash amendment to cut off funding for the NSA’s spying on telephone calls. Black indicates a no vote, white yes and pink belongs to those who dodged the vote. David Freddoso at Conservative Intelligence Briefing put it together and has some good […]

Thoughts On Sustainability

An excellent take on sustainability from Coyote Blog. For background, the author’s company operates public campgrounds and park areas.

Getting Comfortable With The Deficit

An interesting sentence from a Bloomberg editorial praising President Obama’s speech yesterday. The Congressional Budget Office projects that the 2013 deficit will decline to $642 billion, just 4 percent of gross domestic product and down from 10 percent in 2009. Just a little bit of context. First off 2013 may have been an outlier. Tax increases, particularly increases […]