Obamacare Morphing: Past, Present And Future

If you believe this:

Obamacare’s price tag has just gone up by $12 billion, due to the White House’s decision to delay the employer mandate until 2015. The vast majority of that increase ($10 billion) reflects a reduction in the penalties that the government would have collected from employers who did not comply with the requirement to provide health insurance.

You probably believed this:

And don’t want to believe this:

Based on the White House’s past lawlessness and corruption in the service of Obamacare, I’m willing to venture the following prediction:

The Obama administration will announce in August, probably in a classic Friday news dump, that (1) it will offer Exchange subsidies to workersenrolled in multiemployer union plans, and (2) it will pay the FEHBP contribution toward the Exchange premiums for members of Congress and their staffs.

Nobody really knows where this thing is going, what it’s final form will be and how much it’s going to cost. Count on it being a lot more than $12 billion.


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