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Rabbits, Newspaper Columns And Regulation

“You’re telling me I can kill the rabbit right in front of you,” Hahne says he asked an inspector, “but I can’t take it across the street to the birthday party” without a license? Also, the law applies only to warmblooded animals. If Hahne were pulling an iguana out of his hat — no license […]

Obamacare: The Path To Success

Matt Yglesias has an article at Slate in which he claims that Obamacare will be a huge success despite likely implementation problems. Here’s his reasoning: It’s forgotten today, but the launch of Medicare in the mid-1960s was full of hand-wringing about implementation. So was the addition of a prescription drug benefit a decade ago. The Affordable […]

Residential Construction Slogs Along

The Census Bureau issued a downbeat report on monthly housing starts today. BUILDING PERMITS Privately-owned housing units authorized by building permits in June were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 911,000. This is 7.5 percent (±1.0%) below the revised May rate of 985,000, but is 16.1 percent (±1.7%) above the June 2012 estimate of […]