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ObamaCare And Limitations Of Presidential Power

I’m particularly fond of reporting or opinion pieces which cut through the crap. Executive Branch Review, a part of the Federalist Society, does just that in this assessment of the recent decision to delay implementation of the Employer Mandate under ObamaCare. But the appropriate reaction to an inadministrable law is to ask Congress to change […]

Pigging Out On Farm Aid

Adding to the mounting body of evidence that there is nothing of value to be had from our leaders in Washington we have the House passage of a new Farm Bill. Two things you need to know about this monstrosity. First, the SNAP (aka Food Stamps Program) was stripped out of the bill and will […]

Request For Info On Common Core

Walter Russell Mead has an article which notes that Alabama has adopted new standards for its schools which validate different acceptable standards of achievement for students based on ethnicity, disability and other criteria. He quotes this passage from the WSJ: According to this article by Jamon Smith, “Beginning this fall, Alabama public schools will be […]