Time For A Special Prosecutor?

It’s 9:30 PM in Phoenix and it’s a balmy 108 degrees which is a relief given we topped out at 119 degrees, just a few short of a record. I normally shrug it off, but when you wake up in the morning and your air conditioning unit has ceased to operate it does get under your skin. Particularly when you have to  sweat out a repair person’s arrival for 8 hours. All that is my excuse for going off on Obama and the IRS scandal now.

This whole tawdry mess has been dragging on for about 7 weeks now with no real end in sight. We’ve seen the Democrats this past week try and tell us to move along that there was nothing to see because the Agency was going after Progressives as well. That got the liberal side of the media going for a day or two and then that pesky IG  at the IRS said not so fast, didn’t happen. The President’s only response to date is to express dismay that something so awful could possibly occur and promise it will never happen again, and, oh by the way, I’m going to have the foxes investigate the foxes who raided the chicken coop. We have not approached any sort of level of understanding as to what happened and which parts of the government were involved.

The Chicago Tribune has some worthy thoughts.

So that’s where things stand — until fresh reporting, a document leak or perhaps a confession sends the story in some new direction. But seven weeks into this scandal, the fact most Americans know best is that … they still don’t know much that’s definitive. The murky intrigue over who provoked what at this agency has become a playpen for politicians. Three among many crucial questions still scream for answers:

•Did someone nudge IRS employees to hassle certain groups or did agency officials spontaneously decide to do that?

•Inspector General George has testified that in June 2012, five months before the election, he told top Treasury Department officials of his probe into IRS targeting. Did his news, with its potential to rock the presidential campaign, stop atop Treasury — or did it make its way even higher in the administration?

•At multiple points in 2012, why did top IRS officials repeatedly mislead Congress by not disclosing — in response to highly specific questions — that the agency was targeting conservative groups?

They go on to call for the President to appoint a special prosecutor based on the same lack of faith in the administration to which I alluded. Not my preferred approach but if it’s the only way to get the answers then let’s move ahead. Congress seems lost in the weeds and the President obviously has gone into stall-ball on this one.

Put this thought down to heatstroke or dehydration, but the longer this drags on without the administration truly going in and gutting the IRS the more likely it is they have were involved.

(h/t Dave Schuler)


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