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The Spanish Navy’s Newest Addition

I couldn’t resist this one. One of Spain’s largest defense splurges may also be one of its most embarrassing. After spending nearly one-third of a $3 billion budget to build four of the world’s most advanced submarines, the project’s engineers have run into a problem: the submarines are so heavy that they would sink to […]

Rand Paul Upsets Senate’s Apple Witch-Hunt

The Senate hearings on Apple’s alleged manipulation of corporate tax laws have taken a rather unexpected turn. The usual political grandstanding even when it makes no logical sense has taken place, to wit John McCain’s comments: “Apple’s corporate tax strategy reflects a flawed corporate tax system that allows large multinational corporations to shift profits offshore […]

A New Definition Of Sexual Harassment

A bit off the beaten path for this blog but one worth visiting in light of recent events is Walter Russell Mead’s post on the latest from the culture police. He’s writing about the joint letter from the Department of Justice and Department of Education setting forth new criteria for determining the existence of sexual […]

Tesla: 1999 Revisited

This is a post I started to write last week, got sidetracked and now it seems a bit timely once more. I’m talking about Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, and frankly I don’t see what the hype is about, why the stock has gone through the roof and why anyone would buy into the secondary […]

Exiting QE Under False Pretenses

As the exceptionally well-informed readers of this little blog know, the Fed has signaled that once the unemployment rate reaches 6.5% it will declare “Mission Accomplished” and begin to unwind it’s various monetary stimulus programs. As this little snippet from the WSJ blog points out, getting to that magic number doesn’t necessarily mean that everything […]

Some Off The Wall Thoughts About Benghazi And The IRS

Political scandals aren’t really up my alley, but the Benghazi and IRS affairs are too juicy to pass up completely. I will leave it to others much wiser than I to decide if what happened in Benghazi was of great import or just a bad case of bureaucratic bumbling – both before and after. What […]

Detroit On The Ropes

Detroit fiddled until the fire was burning down the entire edifice.