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Slow-Walking The Jobs ACT

Matthew Yglesias advocates for the JOBS Act: But that doesn’t mean nobody is going to crowdfund. It just means the crowdfunding will be done by whole new operations. Fundrise, for example, is a company whose idea is to sell small (as small as $100) shares in urban infill real estate projects to the public. They’ve been […]

The Disaster Playbook’s guide to disaster relief. 1) Natural disaster (tornado, hurricane,flood, earthquake, fire,snowstorm, heavy rainstorm, volcano) kills multiple people. 2)President (Obama,Bush II, Clinton, Bush I) vows to survivors that the federal government will “be with you every step of the way” in the rebuilding process. 3) One or two fiscal conservatives (Sen. Tom Coburn [R-Oklahoma], Rep. Eric Cantor [R-Virginia], Sen. Rand Paul [R-Kentucky]) will suggest that a federal blank check isn’t the best way […]