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Slow-Walking The Jobs ACT

Matthew Yglesias advocates for the JOBS Act: But that doesn’t mean nobody is going to crowdfund. It just means the crowdfunding will be done by whole new operations. Fundrise, for example, is a company whose idea is to sell small (as small as $100) shares in urban infill real estate projects to the public. They’ve been […]

The Disaster Playbook’s guide to disaster relief. 1) Natural disaster (tornado, hurricane,flood, earthquake, fire,snowstorm, heavy rainstorm, volcano) kills multiple people. 2)President (Obama,Bush II, Clinton, Bush I) vows to survivors that the federal government will “be with you every step of the way” in the rebuilding process. 3) One or two fiscal conservatives (Sen. Tom Coburn [R-Oklahoma], Rep. Eric Cantor [R-Virginia], Sen. Rand Paul [R-Kentucky]) will suggest that a federal blank check isn’t the best way […]

Is Greece Coming Back?

There is a chance that Greece may have possibly, hopefully, cross your fingers passed through the worst of its nightmare. From the FT  The new mood is bolstered by positive signals in official economic statistics. Latest figures suggest Greece is on track for modest growth of 0.6 per cent next year after a six-year recession that […]

Some Sunday Reading

Don’t expect a lot of IRS employees to lose their jobs. I previously predicted that no one at the IRS would (or could) be fired over the recent scandal and that the most noteworthy offenders would probably get punished with mandatory paid vacation. Those predictions seem to have been correct. Having gotten the easy ones right, I’d like to venture a […]

The IRS And Its Allies

I’ll get the politics out of my system with this one last post. You don’t expect me to let all of this good material to go to waste, do you. This one comes from the WSJ and it’s about Catherine Engelbrecht. She lives in Richmond, Texas and she and her husband have a small manufacturing business. […]

Washington Cracks Down On Au Pairs

While we’re on the immigration bill let’s not forget the law of unintended consequences. The potential victims, or at least one of them, or at least one of the potential victims are au pairs. The new law changes their status, certainly for some good reason you and I cannot fathom. From the WSJ: The bipartisan […]

Just Some Musings On Immigration

I haven’t written much about the immigration reform effort not for a lack of interest, but rather because I found myself adrift with respect to which direction I thought it should take. Generally, I favor “solving” the issue of 11 million or so people who have entered this country illegally and work and live here. […]