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Labor Torpedoes Immigration Reform

Can you have immigration reform without a viable worker visa program? I think that most would answer no. Without a scheme that provides guest workers sufficient to meet the needs of employers as well as manages the flow of people who want to fill those needs we really just set ourselves up for the next […]

Can We Grow Out Of Our Debt Problem?

John Cochrane plays around with some of the CBO projections and comes up with this graph which represents the long-term outlook based on their numbers. Sort of OK for the next say seven or eight years and then things get really ugly. Cochrane properly asks, “So what can adjust?”, as the scenario represented by the […]

Japan Is Toast

If you want to spend a pretty productive hour then watch this presentation by Kyle Bass at the University of Chicago. He discusses his thinking on the inevitable collapse of Japan. Given that he’s investing in that outcome rather than simply opining renders his thoughts at the very least worthy of serious consideration. Stick around […]