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Sequestration And Rounding Errors

So far I’ve demurred adding to the hype over sequestration. Rest assured that this post will not add to the bloviating but on the Eve of Armageddon I would like to inject a bit of reality into the fury that appears to be swarming through the blogosphere and greater media, though to the credit of […]

Hoarding Cash Is Nothing New

There is a bit of a cat fight going on between Paul Krugman and Tyler Cowen over the propensity of companies not to spend their considerable cash balances. Basically Krugman says it’s retarding the recovery while Cowen says that’s nonsense given that the companies invest their cash balances in vehicles from which it can be […]

Implications Of The British Health Care Scandal

The initial reports of patient abuse (that’s a mild description of what transpired) in the British health system were horrific. The revelation that the government of the UK was warned of serious problems in 2008 borders on the criminal. The bureaucracy is responding as one would expect. The existence of the study is likely to […]

A Case For Sequestration

As we confront the specter of sequestration it’s worth a few minutes of your time to read this Washington Post article on the effects of the April 2011 spending cuts. A sample. Nearly two years later, however, these landmark budget cuts have fallen far short of their promises. In some areas, they did bring significant […]