Fewer Lawyers – Dream On

While I’m recommending good posts, let me point you to Point of Law.com. It’s a fun site where lawyers seem to come together to discuss current issues. I’ve not been to it enough to categorically call it a conservative or libertarian site, but it does seem to tend in that direction. I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Anyway, there’s a good concise post up that basically advises lawyers to quit sniveling about no work and get with it. I liked the conclusion a lot.

But stop whining. The minute you become a member of the bar, you’re a member of a cartel that permits extraordinary rents. And with 21st-century technology, you don’t need a lot of help to make it out on your own.

If you’re a lawyer moaning about the state of your business, read it and follow his advice. If you’re someone contemplating a career in the profession, read it and realize that you will have to work a bit harder than your predecessors to make it. If you’re someone like me who naively believes we might be heading towards a less lawyered society, well just contemplate that quote above.

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