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Exiting GM

So the government has decided to at least partially sell off its interests in GM. It announced it will sell 200 million of the 500 million shares it owns at a price of $27.50 per share. It initially invested $49 billion  in the company and with the sale will have recouped about $34 billion. Whether […]

Overpaid Federal Workers?

Megan McArdle and Arnold Kling had posts on government pay. Essentially they both used a new survey which indicates that individuals moving from the public to private sectors make less money while those going the other way make out better. According to the SIPP data, the average federal worker shifting to a private job actually […]

Will We Frack

That the US is sitting on an ocean of oil and gas has been well reported. Whether the development of those resources proceeds is still up in the air. Joel Kotkin examined the dilemma facing President Obama and the Democrats. Talk all you want about the fiscal cliff, but more important still will be how the […]