A Mercifully Few Thoughts On The Recent Election

Out of a respect for your intelligence as well as a strong suspicion that you have heard post mortems on the recent election sufficient to carry you to the after life, I have refrained from adding additional superfluity. I do, however, recommend the following if you have an interest in reading something about what transpired and what it might portend that goes beyond the meme that Democrats now own the Hispanic vote.

Ross Douthat offers some thoughts on the poverty of the liberal agenda.

As much as it pains me to link to him, Krugman offers a rebuttal to Douthat.

And for some really serious adult reflection I highly recommend Megan McArdle opining on the ephemeral nature of political majorities.

Just an aside, I do intend to offer a bit more commentary later on Krugman’s apparent endorsement of single parenthood.

So, I told you this would be painless. You have only yourself to blame if you click through to the articles.

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