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The Greek Solution

In case you missed it, the Euros pretty much executed the mother of all can kickings today as they rolled out their latest scheme to solve the Greek debt debacle. Basically the Greeks were told by the powers that be not to worry about repaying any debt for the foreseeable future and they would also […]

A Mercifully Few Thoughts On The Recent Election

Out of a respect for your intelligence as well as a strong suspicion that you have heard post mortems on the recent election sufficient to carry you to the after life, I have refrained from adding additional superfluity. I do, however, recommend the following if you have an interest in reading something about what transpired […]

FHA On The Ropes

    Since we’ve already ponied up about $140 billion keeping Frannie afloat, the news that FHA most probably is going to need at least $13   billion to maintain a minimum amount of solvency probably makes you shrug and note it’s just chump change. Keep in mind that once upon a time, a central […]

The Pension Problem Numbers

Just a few minutes but I did want to note this article from US News. It’s as good a short compendium of the crisis in state pensions and naturally state budgets as you will find. The following excerpt describes perfectly how dire a situation the various states face: As strapped state and local governments scramble […]

This Blog Is Repaired And Back – Finally

If you’ve been wondering where I disappeared to, the answer is nowhere. I’ve survived another unbearable Phoenix summer, though the jury is definitely out on how many more I can or want to tolerate. The blog as the few of you who have it on your RSS feed may have noticed has pulled some disappearing […]