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Some Rays Of Sunshine For Homebuilders

Last month I put up a post ¬†about the Phoenix housing market and what appeared to be some revival of “animal spirits”. I was pretty tempered in my enthusiasm even though the report from Arizona State University’s business school was on the bullish side. Their report for March (the previous report covered February) is out […]

Life In D.C.

Tyler Cowen labels this blog post scary and asserts that “Every paragraph in the article is terrifying.” It’s essentially a story about the culture of D.C. and its environs. Here’s a sample: Yet the diversity of the Washington economy is an illusion, for each of its business sectors is to some degree a creature of […]

A Self-Sufficient Nation?

Think paring government spending is going to be easy? Consider this: Demographic changes, the recession and the ever expanding percentage of the population eligible for assistance is creating constituencies opposed to spending restraint. As the article points out: Nearly three-quarters of Americans blame the U.S. budget deficit on spending too much money on federal¬†programs, according […]