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Greece: Deferring Resolution

If you want a good synopsis of the Greek bailout plan, read Felix’s post. If you want some quick analysis, try Tyler Cowen. From the early days of the subprime meltdown we have heard over and over again that the solution to what ails us is deleveraging. From the early days, the preferred solution of […]

How To Solve Complex Problems

I liked this a lot when I read it on TED: Now I’m not trying to deliver a nihilistic message here. I’m not trying to say we can’t solve complicated problems in a complicated world. We clearly can. But the way we solve them is with humility, to abandon the God complex and to actually use a problem […]

AAA Madness

Making the rounds today, and well it should, is this graph and link to Tracy Alloway’s post on AAA credit (click it for the big version). Now there has been no lack of commentary since this appeared. Felix Salmon frets that there is ultimate danger lurking in AAA rated securities. Yves Smith does her best […]

Bank Regulation Follies

The latest fad in bank regulation folly is to assert that much higher capital levels are the solution to the problem that was supposedly solved by Dodd-Frank. Amar Bhide provides a nice rejoinder to the fantasy that all we have to do is make banks hold more capital: Yet focusing mainly on how much banks […]

Deal Or No Deal On the Debt Ceiling?

This will be the first and last post I produce on the ongoing negotiations over the debt ceiling. That’s not to say that I might not have some thoughts on the eventual deal (there will be one) but the level of bloviation has reached levels that are beginning to annoy me. Case in point are […]