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Income Inequality: Myth And Reality

The Washington Post has an interesting article on income inequality. It mostly focuses on executive compensation and the explosion in such over the past few decades. I’m not at all unsympathetic to the point it makes, repetitiously, that the bucks executives are taking home is completely out of whack. There was, however, one passage which […]

Dueling Thoughts On Marginal Tax Rates

The never ending debate about whether low marginal tax rates are good or evil rages on. Generally, I tend to get a bad case of glazed eyes whenever I delve into this morass, probably due to trying to discern the truth behind the statistical obfuscation employed by most who opine on the subject. A case […]

Unemployment And The Federal Debt

A bit more on unemployment. This graph from Jake at is a fine example of the consequences of high unemployment (click for larger image). IMO just one more argument in favor of attacking the deficit. Hoping that we can get more workers employed in order to bend this curve back down is a fools […]

Manufacturing’s Decade Long Decline

For whatever reason, lots of financial writers seem intent on insisting that the manufacturing sector in this country is humming along and we should take that as a sign that better days are just ahead. Unfortunately, the data indicates another reality altogether. Mike Mandel has been pointing out for sometime that the supposed recovery in […]

Unemployment And Stimulus

Obviously, I’ve been away for awhile. Actually not physically, I just felt like a long overdue break fro blogging was warranted. I don’t know if it’s going to result in any better content quality but I sure enjoyed the chance to just sit back, read a bit and reflect. So, with that explanation, let me […]