Two Views Of Paul Ryan

Representative Paul Ryan was a guest at a gathering of the American Council on Capital Formation this week. Apparently, he spoke at length on a number of topics. Two of the better analysts around these days attended and offered their take on his positions.

Ryan Avent was, shall we say, not taken by Mr. Ryan:

I’VE just gotten back from a breakfast event this morning sponsored by the American Council for Capital Formation. The guest of honour was Paul Ryan, chairman of the House budget committee and leading Republican policy wonk. Mr Ryan has received a great deal of attention for his ambitious plans to address America’s long-term budget and health system difficulties, and he is now a central figure in ongoing debates over the debt ceiling. But less well known are his views on current macroeconomic policy. And that’s unfortunate, because they’re terrible.

Clive Crook seems to have a different view:

As a paid-up Bowles-Simpson subscriber and advocate of compromise, I do not like Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity”. But I always find him impressive. He has thought hard about the issues, and he is a formidable politician. His manner is excellent: serious, sincere, self-deprecating, down-to-earth. His views have substance, and ought to be met with substance. Democrats would be fools to ignore him, or to try answering him with disdain or mockery (as some do). If that is the turn the fight in the country takes on Ryan’s ideas, then (sanctity of Medicare notwithstanding) I can see him winning.

Make of this what you will.

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