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Two Views Of Paul Ryan

Representative Paul Ryan was a guest at a gathering of the American Council on Capital Formation this week. Apparently, he spoke at length on a number of topics. Two of the better analysts around these days attended and offered their take on his positions. Ryan Avent was, shall we say, not taken by Mr. Ryan: […]

Employment Slogs Ahead

After a week or so of pretty middling economic news – paltry GDP growth in the first quarter, continuing increases in applications for unemployment insurance and weakness in the ISM measurement of services sector strength – there was more than a bit of breath holding in advance of this mornings April employment report. The breeze […]

War Dog

Stealth Blackhawks, real-time action reporting, night vision and impeccably trained and equipped fighters were all a apart of the successful mission that took down Osama bin Laden. It turns out that you can add one piece of equipment that’s older than the catapult and just about every other weapon which has been used over the […]