Boone Pickens On Oil

From the Wall St. Cheat Sheet, here are some thoughts from T. Boone Pickens on oil.

On whether Sauda Arabia is capable of producing 10 million barrels a day:
“Well, they’re about nine now and I don’t think it’s easy for them to do. They can’t produce 12. They may get it up to 10. I’m not sure they can hold 10 very long.”

On whether the Environmental Protection Agency and the Obama administration in general is at war with fossil fuels:
“I think probably so. But I can tell you what, you’re going to run the cost of gasoline, diesel, electricity, and power. You’re going to run it through the ceiling and I can tell you that people that cause that to happen, and the consumer that has to experience those increases. That consumer is the same guy that votes. And I can tell you when he figures out who ran all these costs up on him, he’s going to vote against him.”

On what country has the best plan for oil:

“China has got the plan. They’ve loaned money and they’re going to be paid back with oil; probably $50 or $60 a barrel. They have a huge advantage. And they have purchased a lot of oil. The Chinese always have a plan.”

Pickens doesn’t rule out $130 oil and he sees gas at $4 a gallon this summer.

I believe that the spike in gas prices had much more to do with the Great Recession than is generally conceded (post here). If Pickens is anywhere near the mark, we could easily see growth substantially curtailed and another recession is not by any means out of the equation.

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