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Mods For All

The leaked settlement term sheet between the state AGs and certain banks concerning their proposal for settling various issues relating to faulty foreclosure practices is, sigh, once again giving life to the modification crowd. Felix Salmon uses BofA’s announcement that it’s going to segregate some of its mortgages in a “bad bank” as a jumping […]

Rule Making: Theory And Practice

Here is an interesting juxtaposition between theory and practice. Mike Mandel has written a lot about regulation and its stifling impact on economic growth. Mind you, he’s not against regulation per se, just the mindless imposition of regulations without regard to their impact beyond the narrow issue that they address. Today he posted on a […]

Lawyers, Artificial Intelligence And Creative Destruction

I’m a bit behind on my posting, so this is dated by a couple of days, but there are a couple of articles and an opinion piece by Paul Krugman that I highly recommend. The first is a piece that appeared in the NY Times. It’s a review of the threat that artificial intelligence poses […]