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Surprise, Toyota Not Guilty Of Building Killer Cars

It hasn’t been splashed all over the front pages or the subject of unending discussion on the cable news shows, nevertheless Toyota has been found not guilty of manufacturing cars that go speeding off on their own. The NHTSA says now that “pedal misapplication” was the culprit. Government investigators have rejected claims that electronic defects […]

Revolving Credit Finally Turns Up – Maybe

Jake at published this today(you can click on it for a larger image). Notice the tiny little blip at the bottom of the blue line. It actually represents an uptick in revolving credit — think credit cards. Now if you visit the Fed’s site that has all the details you will learn that revolving […]

How Big Is The Bureaucracy

You may have heard of the blogger, Foseti, but he’s a new voice to me. I came across him in one of Arnold Kling’s Econlog posts. Foseti is a government worker writing anonymously and writing well. He’s well worth a visit. Anyway the whole point is that he points to an article at the National […]

Income Inequality: Can The Rest Of The World Emulate The US

Tyler Cowen had this graph up a couple of days ago. It’s a useful reminder amid all of our current struggles of just how wealthy a country America happens to be. The horizontal axis is a measure of income percentiles within each country. The number one equates to the bottom 5% of each country’s population […]